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The UAIC maintains approximately 2.0 million insect specimens and is the most comprehensive in the world for the Sonoran Desert Region. Many holdings are encountered in agricultural or urban environments, of which some are actual or potential pests or vectors of disease.

A collection like ours is the product of the efforts and contributions of many people like you.

Depending upon your interests, there are a number of ways you can support our efforts.

Donations of curated collections of insects from throughout the Sonoran Desert Region are greatly appreciated.  The UAIC has always benefited from the generosity of donors who have chosen to deposit their collected material here.  The UAIC will accept materials acquired or collected in conformity with all applicable international, national, state, and local laws and regulations and collected in a manner that does not destroy or damage biota, human burial places, or geological, historical, or cultural sites.  Temporarily loaned materials not reclaimed by the lender within seven years will convert to the UAIC if the UAIC has given sufficient notice to the lender. Objects loaned to the UAIC with an understanding that they will be donated to the collection must be accompanied by a written declaration so stating.  Contact Gene Hall for more information.

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