Packrat Middens Arthropod Collection

Packrat Midden Arthropods

Arthropod Fossils from Packrat Middens were donated by Gene Hall and Thomas R. Van Devender. Representing 4,241 fossil insect specimens from 80 packrat midden samples accumulated during their research on Middle Wisconsin - Late Holocene (43,000 yr BP – present) middens from the southwestern United States and northern Mexico (Hall et al, 1988, 1989, 1990; Van Devender and Hall 1993, 1994). The collections are significant as they represent the first comprehensive studies comparing midden fossil insects to arthropods presently occurring in the vicinity of the midden localities. The modern arthropods were sampled extensively by Carl Olson, Gene Hall (UAIC Collection Manager) & Dr. Tom Van Devender, identified by Olson and Hall, and incorporated into the UAIC research collection.