Collection Holdings - Species Lists

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Reliable, rapid, species-level identification of insect specimens is critical to making science-informed decisions aiding conservation efforts for our native pollinators and much more. The UA Insect Collection is making a consorted effort to build a collection of expertly identified, barcoded insects from the Sonoran Desert and Madrean Sky Island Regions.  We are obtaining and publishing sequence data that will allow for rapid DNA-based identification and will house the associated voucher specimens in perpetuity. You can track our progress by noting BINs associated with the following species lists of our holdings.


Barcode Index Numbers (or BINs) are proxies for species names used by the International Consortium for the Barcode of Life. The system uses algorithms to provide a globally unique BIN to clusters cytochrome oxidase I (COI) sequences to produce operational taxonomic units. Genetically identical taxa encountered in different studies reside under the same BIN.  Visit the Barcode of Life website to learn more about BINs.